The Guru Meditation

Here you will find the people that we are associated with on and off of the internet, and the links to their interests/businesses.
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The Guru Meditation

Post by BumbleBee » 16 Jan 2017, 08:22

The Guru Meditation is a group of two people (Bill and Anthony) who are into the Commodore Amiga scene in a big way - they do some amazing stuff and have some interesting and in-depth reviews of the retro hardware, software and occasionally stream on Twitch and Youtube.
They have a host of information on their website and a good collection of videos on their Youtube channel.

If you were wondering what 'Guru Meditation' means - it is a flashing red error notice displayed on the Amiga when there are one or more faults caused by software issues or hardware problems (much like the infamous blue screen of death found on Windows machines).

If you're a big geek and like me and want to learn something cool and new, then check them out.
Bill and Anthony are cool guys... and if you want to talk to them, then do so, they're very down to Earth!

The Guru Meditation Links:

Twitch -> CLICK HERE
Website -> CLICK HERE
Facebook -> CLICK HERE
Youtube Channel -> CLICK HERE


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