Episode 18 - Eating Sweets (21.05.17)

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Episode 18 - Eating Sweets (21.05.17)

Post by BumbleBee » 21 May 2017, 11:57

So an exiting week for podcasting people, a lot has happened and we have a nice and tame one for you this week!
Join us at EGX on the 22nd of September too and get voting on the game you want us to play, you only have until Wednesday...

We talk about the following -
**Mentions** Naked and Afraid, Better Call Saul, I Cut My Finger **Urban Dictionary** Mummyfied, F.B.I **Trailers** GET OUT, Alien: Covenant **News** Vodafone Free Roaming **Rants/Discussion** Emoji Fails, Puddles and Cars, Don't Say Sorry **Music** Kate Bush, Leonard Cohen **Gaming** GODS Remake, Terminator II & GTA V

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