Episode 20 - He's Back! (04.06.17)

Our series of Sunday fun!
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Episode 20 - He's Back! (04.06.17)

Post by BumbleBee » 25 Jun 2017, 17:14

My laptop is busted, it's been sent off to Germany and not sure when it's coming back!
Pretty pissed off. So we will be back sometime soon.
We hope you won't miss us too much, go out and have a beer or a meal Wednesday and think of us lol

We talk about the following -
**Mentions** Graeme Goes To Cornwall, I Broke My Drawer **Weird Thoughts** Poo Is Always Longer Than It Feels **Urban Dictionary** Covfefe, Topper **Visual Media** The Arrival **News** No Highlights/Stream Until Laptop Is Repaired **Rants/Discussion** F!!ki!g Laptop **Gaming** Far Cry 5

Have a nice life without us for a few weeks :(
BumbleBee & Graeme

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