Episode 22 - Gearing Up For EGX! (18.06.17)

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Episode 22 - Gearing Up For EGX! (18.06.17)

Post by BumbleBee » 25 Jun 2017, 17:17

We are gearing up for EGX!
Buying lots of spare batteries and a new light is on it's way to do some interviewing with some dev's - we're getting pretty excited now. We hope to see some of you there.

We talk about the following -
**Mentions** Prime Minister, EGX, I Gave A Valve Radio To Nutbags **Urban Dictionary** Paris Pullout, Fart Of Deception **Visual Media** White Gold, The Shack, LIFE **News** 20,000 Bees On A Car **Music** KORN, New Goldie Album (The Journey Man) **Reviews** Crappy Light Stabilizer, New LED Light (Yongnuo YN300 III) **Gaming** E3, Anthem

Everything is A-OK!,
BumbleBee & Graeme

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