Episode 8 - Nice 'n' Chilled (12.03.17)

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Episode 8 - Nice 'n' Chilled (12.03.17)

Post by BumbleBee » 12 Mar 2017, 13:10

Summer is nearly here!
We hope you are having a lovely weekend, I've been extremely busy sorting my dub out and socialising.
Check out our 'Max Headroom' themed 08/03/17 stream. It's really funny.
We have a new Podcast and LIVE! Stream intro/outro soon, so watch out for that too.

The main topics this week are -
**Mentions:** Max Headroom, EGX Convention **Trailers:** The Fate of the Furious **Rants/Discussion:** Mind Gamers, Upside-down Forks, Women 'Auto Parts' Drivers & Trailers **Music:** Ed Sheeran **Gaming:** Horizon Zero Dawn, Nintendo Switch

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