Episode 10 - Double Figures! (26.03.17)

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Episode 10 - Double Figures! (26.03.17)

Post by BumbleBee » 25 Mar 2017, 22:06

So we are into double figures with the Podcast WAHAY!
No background music this week - this maybe a permanent thing.
We were discussing this a few weeks ago and I think it's more natural keeping silences in.
I'm thinking we do't like all this manufactured stuff... it's not us.

The main topics this week are -
**Mentions** Red Nose Day **Urban Dictionary** Swamp Donkey, C!!k Womble **Films/Trailers** The Boss Baby, The Wizard of Lies **News** Endangered BumbleBee **Rants/Discussion** Weather Forecasts, Flash Cars, Plasters in Swimming Pools, Customers Calling for Advice **Music** James Blunt, Take That **Gaming** Jim Sterling DDOS

See you soon,
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