Episode 11 - A Cave In The Sun (02.04.17)

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Episode 11 - A Cave In The Sun (02.04.17)

Post by BumbleBee » 02 Apr 2017, 21:02

This week I am with my friend Emlyn in his Man-cave.
He is the 'super hero Xbox 360 modder' and I try and understand what he does in the way of modding the 360.
He clears up some subjects that I have been wrongly thinking about.

We also talk about the following -
**Gaming** RGH 360 Modding and Mod Menus **Urban Dictionary** Cuckooing **Mentions** The New £1 Coin, High Mileage Cars, Bugatti Veyron/Chiron **News** Ed China Leaves 'Wheeler Dealers' **Reviews** Blackberry Keyone

You can catch Emlyn over on his FB page: 'Prometheus Stealth Live'
If you have any questions; stick this in the FB search bar: @RGH360Stealth

See you soon,
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